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The Climb
Jim Corbit

It's alright

You'll rely on luck

It's natural

Spiritually you're stuck

Crawl along

Battan hatches down

Brace yourself

The boat will run aground

The fear

Is wired inside us all

Just underneath the walls

Perfect architecture

Standing miles tall


It's crazy

Others tell you so

It's telling

They're afraid to go


Watch the path for traps

Be careful

You're walking untread grass


The rhyme

Will make sense in the ending

Confusion from beginning

Stalwart in your trust

In the power of your singing



You'll find something new


A thought or feeling will do


On the edge of the track

Be faithful

Others will follow fast


The climb

Will lead you to your home

Though as yet unknown

Virtues in your effort

Are rewards of their own

Wander where you will

You'll never be alone

You're making brand new tracks

To lead a path of stone

Jim Corbit

Sometimes I'm desperate for a hand to hold

And an ear where all my fears are told

Someone who could know all sides of me

Beautiful, proud and disappointing

It's a story that I have to believe

That she's out there waiting for me

It's the religion that gets me through

Or crumbling as I'm prone to do


Will this twilight ever end

And the good life yet begin

I've been patient oh so long

To make a duet of this song

Only faith carries me through

Gives me the strength for what I do

A religion full of doubt

What would you be to live without?


Could you ever compose a rhyme

That puts your heart into each line?

Could you write from memory

Of how joyful life can be?



Would you even get out of bed

Or care what the newspaper said

Put a smile on your face

Would you even leave your place?

Venture into the world outside

Feel a heartache when you lie

Have the nerve to ask why or how

What would you be to live without?


Could you even look at the sun

If you could share it with no one?

Would you ever need a name

Or pretend it's not all in vain



I could never write a song

Convinced not a word was wrong

If I didn't believe it true

This is love from me to you